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    Ayurveda, the Comprehensive Science:

    In the real meaning, Ayurveda can be understood only through Physics and Mathematics. While all the existing other modern sciences or systems manages by differentiating, Ayurveda alone does integration. In it`s system, Ayurveda defines the perfect condition from where variations can be found and corrected comprehensively.

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    Ayurveda, Within the Nature

    Ayurveda as a system of treatment embedded in nature that couples medication and recognized lifestyle. Being a derivative, rather part of world`s oldest philosophy, Ayurveda emphasis on ‘living within the nature’. Also provides each and every solutions from the nature.

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    Ayurveda, True for Ever:

    Ayurveda has withstood the test of time, for over four millennia by propagation as smrithi and sruthi (through oral education and discussion) and mananam (meditation). Most of the references texts that are in use today were recorded after 1000 B.C.

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    Ayurveda, Unconditionally True:

    The definition of ‘truth’ as in ‘vedas’ emphasis on being true at all varying condition like time, place or anything. It can be seen that the principles of Ayurveda are retained intact and the medicinal formulations in the reference texts are narrated as examples of this treatment theory for individual diseases.

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    Sanjivani Ayurved:

    it is a part of the indian philosophy to create multi level statements or icons to communicate with different levels of audience at a time, The real meaning is kept for learned ones, while the objective of installing a system or ritual is achieved successfully. One example of such an icon is Sanjivani Ayurved is known as the God of Medicine and the whole healing system is maintained thus separately

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